NGAK and the boys

In a short span of 2 years, Ngak has raced up among the ranks to be a prominent new generation pub performer. He has been attracting crowds with his full-toned voice and uncanny ability to cover songs in his own style, while staying true to the originals.

They are experienced artiste at music festivals and have performed at numerous venues such as Wala Wala, Overeasy, Loof and Hood in Singapore.

Besides being a performing artist, Ngak have written numerous songs and they have been performed by Alan Kuo柯有伦and Wakin Chau周华健. In Nov07, he represented the Speak Mandarin Campaign council to sing the theme song 《Challenge 挑战》for their 07/08 Speak Mandarin Campaign. Ngak was also the singer for 《Black May身外物》 in the hit movie 《881》original soundtrack which has sold more than 13,000 copies in Singapore. In addition, he was the lead singer in the band The AMPs 红毛派which did the Chinese cover of the popular hokkien song 《One Million一百万》. Furthermore, he represented Guinness “Rise Together” movement for the theme song 《True friends 最够朋友》